Nvim completion for Tidalcycles possible?

i wonder if it is possible to have completion for tidalcycles with nvim.
what kind of configuration and plugins for nvim are neccessary?
with completion i mean displaying candidates from the language tidalcycles and/or from the text inside a tidal file.
currently i`m using emacs and there is completion for the text but unfortunately not for the language.


@poulpoulsen I have used Tidal in nvim for quite a while and I have never found an autocompletion tool for it.
I remember nvim used to pick up bits of what was already written inside the script. If I remember correctly I was using deoplete as plugin.

@poulpoulsen, hey. I just compiled dictionaries (text files with single entries on each line) and then use it as source with nvim-cmp completion engine. Snippet of cmp setup:

lua << EOF
dic = {
	["supercollider"] = { "~/sp/dict/sc/synths.txt", "~/sp/dict/sc/controls.txt" },
	["tidal"] = {
		-- "~/sp/dict/colors.txt",
		-- "~/sp/dict/samples.txt",

Nice thing about this approach is that u can put anything u want and only things u use.

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