Once function

Hello all, the once function does not work with my Tidal. I think I have installed 1.9.3.
I would like to trigger a 28 sec long sample just once. Can anyone help?

d1 $ once $ s "bd"

Thank you, Axel

At least I found a workaround with:

d8 $ qtrigger $ seqP [
(0, 1, sound "bd")
] # gain 0.625 # room 0.5 # size 0.97

Hey, I'm not at my computer right now to check, but IIRC you don't need d1 $ at the start

so once $ s "bd" should work fine, hope that helps.


@heavy.lifting Thank you, this works. :wink:

I just can't resist....

The documentation for "once":

once $ s "trump"


please please please can this become true...once was already too much...