Open call: TidalCycles microgrants!

Open call for TidalCycles microgrants ! Have an idea for a community-oriented project around Tidal or strudel, but could do with some money to help make it happen? Apply here by 30th September 2023:

With thanks to all the lovely TidalCycles opencollective contributors TidalCycles - Open Collective

If you have questions you can ask @dktr0 @irisS or me!


This is awesome! I will not participate on this open call but wanted to inform you, that the formular link seems to be broken. At least it says that I do not have permissions.

Oh no! I thought I'd checked that.. The form should work now!

Indeed, it's workin' now :slight_smile:

A reminder that the open call for microgrants closes on the 30th September, 10 days from now - get your applications in!

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