Open call: TidalCycles microgrants!

Open call for TidalCycles microgrants ! Have an idea for a community-oriented project around Tidal or strudel, but could do with some money to help make it happen? Apply here by 30th September 2023:

With thanks to all the lovely TidalCycles opencollective contributors TidalCycles - Open Collective

If you have questions you can ask @dktr0 @irisS or me!


This is awesome! I will not participate on this open call but wanted to inform you, that the formular link seems to be broken. At least it says that I do not have permissions.

Oh no! I thought I'd checked that.. The form should work now!

Indeed, it's workin' now :slight_smile:

A reminder that the open call for microgrants closes on the 30th September, 10 days from now - get your applications in!

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Hello @yaxu, unfortunately I just forgot to send my application before the deadline. Will there be a second round for these microgrants later?

Hi @ganz,
Yes there will, as soon as the funding pot has built up again.


in the same boat, of course I realize this a week too late!

I was wondering if the next round should focus on funding things more on the development side rather than community projects like this one. The problem is paying for substantial development time tends to be a bit more expensive than funding e.g. a workshop venue.


I indeed gave up applying for this round because the only thing that it made sense to apply for was covering material costs (buying USB drives, stickers, etc) of a project that still needs considerable development to make use of the drives.

We've now emailed the proposers with the results, we were able to accept 10 proposals of the 14 submitted. Please let me know if you didn't get an email (after maybe checking your spam folder).

Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal!

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Here's the ten selected projects!

Contributor/collective Summary
Gahlord Dewald A zine that is an introduction to live coding and TidalCycles published entirely in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi.
Xavier Góngora An introductory TidalCycles workshop in Tepoztlán, Mexico, kickstarting a local learning group on live coding
Creative Code Club Newcastle UK TidalCycles workshop with Alexandra Cardenas
offDAC Community TidalCycles workshop & live coding event in Bratislava, Slovakia + online
Heavy Lifting A video (or series of videos) on approaches to from-scratch performance in Tidal
Jessica Garson A blog series exploring alternative use of Tidal including scream looping
Joenio Marques da Costa Debian packages for the whole TidalCycles stack
froos Keep developing strudel!
alsoknownasrox Blog about the experiential aspects of live-coding within the Tidal environment, including comparative analysis with Sonic Pi
sirshannon A “get started” guide for controlling midi-controlled RGB lights (like Boomlights) with Tidal