Orbit Routing for FX Sends

Hi all,

Pardon me if this has already been asked. My goal is to route orbits (d1...) to other orbits dedicated to FX chains. I'm using a slightly modified bit of Supercollider code from the 'hacks' repo with an added argument so that I can send it to another channel:

// read input from another orbit

var busses = ~dirt.orbits.collect { |x| x.dryBus };

SynthDef(\readorb, { |out, amp = 1, n = 0, outorb = 0 | // number
	var bus, sound;

	bus = Select.kr(n, busses);
	sound = InFeedback.ar(bus, ~dirt.numChannels);
	//sound = CombL.ar(sound, 0.2, 0.03, 1);

		sound * (amp * 2.5)

This works fine, but unlike, a DAW, I get both the full original channel AND the new FX channel. I'd like to be able to send the full orbit to the FX send, but also be able to have mix control over the original instrument/track/orbit to either mute or preferably with variable control.

Currently I'm able to do this with jack_mixer, but would love to able to keep it all inside of Tidal.

I did try setting the amp of incoming orbit in the code above with ~dirt.orbits[n].set(/amp, mix); but am getting an error, probably because a SynthDef can't control another UGen.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or has done something similar. I'm 80% of the way there I think. And I realize this is probably more of SuperDirt question. But as there is no forum for that (I don't think), I thought I'd ask here.

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And to be clear, what I'm trying to do is make Tidal/SuperDirt/SuperCollider act more like a DAW for recording purposes. There are probably a million ways to do this including recording into a DAW (which I have done), but prefer the idea of live-coding, and recording using SC's multichannel output (which I have working) but also with something like Ableton's FX send strips. With the above I can do all of that. The missing piece is have a separate mix control of the 'instrument' (say d1) that I'm sending to a dedicated FX bus. In Ableton you can pick a variable send amount to an FX channel, but also control the fader on the the sending channel. Currently, lowering the # gain or # amp of the original sending channel lessens the amount to the FX as well. Or I hear them both. I'm probably lacking some technical terms for mixing here. Pre/Post Fader?