OSC out of Tidal, ghc network error

I feel like I'm really close to getting Tidal to send OSC to SuperDirt AND a target on my local network (an iPad running TouchOSC)

I followed the tutorial here and looked through a number of threads here to get going.

I have an additional target set up and it's working fine - running oscdrump on the same computer Tidal is running on shows me I'm getting messages. But sending only works if the value of oAddress is set to "," "" and "".

But if I set the oAddress to anything else, like the IP of my iPad ( I get this error when evaluating Tidal code in Emacs:

ghc: Network.Socket.sendBufTo: invalid argument (Invalid argument) 

I hope that makes some sense!
I figure I'm either 1) grossly misunderstanding this, 2) missing something here

Has anybody successfully sent OSC from Tidal to another computer on the local network?

Ah yes there is a complication where tidal sends out OSC messages on the same address that it receives them. The easiest fix is to do set cCtrlAddr to, so it can receive and send OSC on any network. So when you start tidal pass in a config like:

(defaultConfig {cCtrlAddr = ""})

I've made an issue about it here: Sending to another computer needs a cCtrlAddr setting · Issue #926 · tidalcycles/Tidal · GitHub

ah thanks Alex! awesome, I'll give that a try