Osx install with custom SC3

I semm to have successfully installed the haskell part of the script but it fails with a reproducible error when coming to the (partly already installed) supercollider part:

$ curl https://tidalcycles.org/tidal-bootstrap.sh -sSf | sh

[0] Mac OS detected, moving forward with installation...
[1] git found, skipping...
[2] Haskell found, skipping install of that...
[3] Congratulations, you have all the pre-reqs...
Installing tidalcycles haskell library (via cabal)...

Downloading the latest package list from hackage.haskell.org
To revert to previous state run:
    cabal v2-update 'hackage.haskell.org,2020-04-04T08:29:12Z'
Resolving dependencies...
Up to date
[4] Atom already installed, skipping...
[6] Installing atom TidalCycles plugin...
Installing tidalcycles to /Users/tboverma/.atom/packages ✓
[7] SuperCollider already installed, skipping...
[8] Installing SuperCollider Plugins...
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100   624  100   624    0     0   1533      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--  1533
100 6741k  100 6741k    0     0  1087k      0  0:00:06  0:00:06 --:--:-- 1557k
replace /Users/tboverma/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions/SC3plugins/AYUGens/AYUGens.html? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: error:  invalid response [{ENTER}]
replace /Users/tboverma/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions/SC3plugins/AYUGens/AYUGens.html? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: error:  invalid response [#### INST]
replace /Users/tboverma/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions/SC3plugins/AYUGens/AYUGens.html? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: %

I’ll now attempt to complete with the manual install and will let you know how it develops.

it worked out just fine with minor hickups!

it seems that i only needed to do the manual install of

  • superdirt in supercollider and
  • the atom extension.

Also, i had to manually remove the __MACOSX folder in my SuperCollider extensions since it was interfering with my manual sc3-extensions install.

on a minor note, there is a paragraph

Install VS Code Extension

on the MacOS manual install page that seems to be a leftover of previous attempts. I ignored it and did not run into trouble (for now :slight_smile: )

Thanks @lfsaw, I made an issue with the supercollider people about this problematic folder https://github.com/supercollider/sc3-plugins/issues/279

this seems to be fixed now (see https://github.com/supercollider/sc3-plugins/issues/279)
on a separate note, you might want to either check in the script if there are already sc3-plugins installed (this might be challenging), or alternatively may want to provide command-line args to the script such as --no-sc (to exclude install of the supercollider part of tidal) in case the user is an experienced user of sc3 already and wants to take care of that part by herself ... :slight_smile: