Other live coding environments peeps use (especially with tidal)?

Just wondering as the thread title asks!
Sonic pi seems to be popular (and is relying on supercollider in a similar way to TC i think)

Im a big fan of ORCA (which incendentally I suggested audio rate operation for synthesis using logic gates and potentionally MIDI - Devine just ignored the idea of audio and implemented MIDI to transform what was Pico - a programming playground, into ORCA the amazing alorithmic sequencer - check it out by all means)

But ive seen people using plain supercollider for performances. Foxdot, Perl, and more. What are you using for live-coding other than Tidal?

++ im wondering what the live-code community feels about what im calling "live-patching" IE creating a performance from scratch using modular / graphical / node-based softwares like Pure Data, Max/MSP, VCV rack, Cherry audio softube etc. Is this acceptable under the term Live coding? Obviously its not code, but as Yaxu said in a recent Music hackspace interview, essentially its all the same to a degree. For example using ORCA for an off the cuff perfomance isnt exactly coding, but seem to go down well at the ALgomech festival in 2019 (and using the awesome Pimoroni Ubercorn LED matrices to boot)



I use mostly supercollider. I think it's unfairly stigmatized as hard and complex for live coding. It has a very versatile syntax. There are ways to use it with very sparse code and even similarly to tidal, with none, ore minimal extras.

Other than that I like giving everything a try. I started with Ixilang, which is absolutely cool. Have you seen this comprehensive list in the wiki? I'd love to try every one of these. I tried Impromptu, Fluxus, and a few others. If you like ORCA, you might like what's in this dedicated site to esoteric languages..


I'm spending quite a bit of time with Punctual at the moment, predominantly the visual component in estuary (it's a complete implementation, and audio reactive)
...but, it does audio as well, which is something I'm likely to explore at some point.

There's some interesting stuff happening with the estuary platform as well, namely JSoLangs which can let you wrap your own livecode wrapper around any of the supported livecoding langs in estuary - one of the more interesting I've seen is dr0nezer0 by David Ogborn which is a wrapper around punctual

I've also spent some time with ORCA, and two more that are on my interest radar are Gibber and Improviz

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