Persistent install problem

Hi, I'm trying to follow the manual install instructions at the tidalcycles website. I'm able to get all the way to the cabal install tidal part, but it keeps giving me this error. I've tried installing older versions, deleting and reinstalling supercollider, etc., but that hasn't worked so far.

Resolving dependencies...
Configuring tidal-1.7.10...
Building tidal-1.7.10...
Failed to install tidal-1.7.10
Build log ( /home/sherm/.cabal/logs/tidal-1.7.10.log ):
cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-14551/tidal-1.7.10'
Warning: tidal.cabal: Unknown fields: autogen-modules (line 27)
Fields allowed in this section:
exposed-modules, reexported-modules, required-signatures,
exposed-signatures, exposed, buildable, build-tools, build-depends,
cpp-options, cc-options, ld-options, pkgconfig-depends, frameworks,
extra-framework-dirs, c-sources, js-sources, default-language,
other-languages, default-extensions, other-extensions, extensions,
extra-libraries, extra-ghci-libraries, extra-lib-dirs, includes,
install-includes, include-dirs, hs-source-dirs, other-modules,
ghc-prof-options, ghcjs-prof-options, ghc-shared-options,
ghcjs-shared-options, ghc-options, ghcjs-options, jhc-options,
hugs-options, nhc98-options
Configuring tidal-1.7.10...
Building tidal-1.7.10...
Preprocessing library tidal-1.7.10...
[ 1 of 25] Compiling Sound.Tidal.Utils ( src/Sound/Tidal/Utils.hs, dist/build/Sound/Tidal/Utils.o )
[ 2 of 25] Compiling Sound.Tidal.Time ( src/Sound/Tidal/Time.hs, dist/build/Sound/Tidal/Time.o )
[ 3 of 25] Compiling Sound.Tidal.Pattern ( src/Sound/Tidal/Pattern.hs, dist/build/Sound/Tidal/Pattern.o )

src/Sound/Tidal/Pattern.hs:238:10: error:
    Not in scope: type constructor or class ‘Semigroup’
cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-14551/tidal-1.7.10'
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
tidal-1.7.10 failed during the building phase. The exception was:
ExitFailure 1