Playing samples for fixed number of cycles

Hey- is there an easy way to trigger a sample pattern to begin at the next cycle boundary, and then stop after a set number of cycles, handsfree?

I play live with Tidal, often with other live solo instruments but still triggering different sections of each song, to allow me flexibility to extend or shorten parts... so, I use "jumpIn' 0 " a lot, to trigger events at the beginning of the next cycle, but I found that when I use jumpIn' twice, the first sample begins immediately, rather than waiting for the specified cycle boundary,

For example:

  jumpIn' "ending" 0 $ s "jared"
  jumpIn' "ending" 16 silence

This one basically fails to begin at the next cycle boundary, instead beginning immediately. It does, however, trigger "silence" at the right time.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance!