Poor sound separation between channels

We would like to do the separation of pan accurately, but it doesn't work well.

For example, define a synth as follows.

SynthDef("testsine", {
	arg out, sustain=1, pan=0, freq=110, amp=1;
	var sound, env;
	sound = SinOsc.ar(freq);
	env = EnvGen.ar(Env.linen(0, 0, 0.6, 1, -2), timeScale:sustain, doneAction:2);
	sound = sound * amp * 0.3;
	sound = [
	Out.ar(out, sound*env);

When this is played with supercollider, the sound is emitted from the right channel only.

Synth(\testsine, [\sustain, 2, \freq, 110, \amp, 1])

However, when played back on SuperDirt or TidalCycles, sound is also played back from the left channel, and the sound separation is not good.

  $ s "testsine"
  # gain 0.9
  # sustain 2

In superdirt, is it possible to playback sound separately for each channel as in supercollider?

Thank you.

Maybe it's related to tidal's pan range being 0 to 1, and supercollider's being -1 to 1 ?

It seems my environment was dirty and restarting SuperCollider solved the problem. Thank you.

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