Problem getting Tidal to generate sound

I can't get Tidal to generate sound. Superdirt is listening to Tidal and I have typed in the code exactly as instructed, and executed with Ctrl+Enter. When I start Super Dirt in Super Collider, there are some warning about Synthdef being too big to send, not sure if that's related.

Hi Kellas,

That warning is normal, everyone sees that one.

You should be running tidal code in atom - do you see any error messages there?

Hey Alex,
No errors in Tidal.

And, yeah, running Tidal in Atom.

Try opening a scope via the menu you get in supercollider when you click on the numbers on the bottom right. Do you see the scope move when you run a pattern?

The scope doesn't move when I run the pattern.

Could there be a something like a firewall stopping network communication between tidal and supercollider? I could have a quick look in teamviewer if you like