Problem upgrading Tidal

Hello all,

Trying to upgrade from Tidal 1.7.8 to 1.7.10, and have gone through the cabal install tidal process, but Atom will not boot the new version. I checked in my .cabal directory, and the relevant directory looks like the image below.

Whenever I boot Tidal it still tries to boot 1.7.8... I need to know how to make Atom recognise the new download... sorry for the relative simplicity of this question- any help is much appreciated... I'm sure it's an easy one to fix.

It's not atom that chooses the version, but ghci... When this thing happens I do a ghc/cabal cleanup and reinstall tidal from scratch

The command to upgrade is either cabal install tidal --lib (which most often doesn't work) or cabal v1-install tidal (which might well not work if you've already done the previous command). As @ndr_brt says, deleting your .cabal and .ghc folders and installing afresh is generally the way forward

Thanks all- problems all solved finally… troubleshooting a new install took 2 days before I realised the problem was that I had somehow unwittingly deleted Xcode…

I’m an idiot.

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