Problems first run Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra

Hi, first time trying Tidal and this showed up:
• Couldn't match expected type ‘IO () -> Pattern ControlMap’
with actual type ‘Pattern ControlMap’
• The function ‘sound’ is applied to two arguments,
but its type ‘Pattern String -> Pattern ControlMap’ has only one
In the second argument of ‘($)’, namely ‘sound "bd" hush’
In the expression: d1 $ sound "bd" hush
I read some similar old thread, but the solution proposed did not work for my OS (mac high sierra). Supercollider working fine.
What can I do?

Hello @marcelo.arcos2 and welcome to TidalClub!

It looks like you have hush in the same line as d1 $ sound "bd".
Both must simply be in separate lines and then it should work.

Hi Thomas, and thank you. Hope you and your family are in good health. Unfortunately I believe that this is not the case (see attachment): hush is in a different line.

Can you think of any other reason for this problem?
However, this d1 $ sound "bd cp" (without 'hush') seems to work fine.



I think I see the problem. If you select several lines, they will be executed together. If you select d1 $ sound "bd" and hush, then the statement d1 $ sound "bd" hush is created. For a statement that goes over several lines, you do not have to select the lines explicitly, i.e. type:

d1 $ sound "808*4" 
   # pan (sine)
   # cutoff (saw*5000)

Then you simply click with your cursor somewhere in the code and evaluate it with Control+Enter. This also works with single-line statements. If you explicitly want to evaluate only this one line, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Shift+Enter.

Thank you very much. It worked fine. Be healthy, be safe