Processing external audio source

hello everyone!

I was wondering if it possible using tidal like an effect processor of an external audio source, for example my synth or an external looper . I tried to find info but I am a bit confuse


I do not have experience with this directly, but it appears that you can access incoming sound via the in instrument. Presumably you can then apply the provided SuperCollider audio effects to that audio source.

Something I do have experience with is manipulating audio coming from another device or program using effect plugins. In this case I set up tidal to send MIDI to the effect plugins, and alter the audio stream that way. This works well if you have some effect plugins or hardware that can be controlled via MIDI.

hi drohnee !

that is interesting ! you mean that you have an audio clip for example in ableton and then you use some effect plugin on this track and you control the plug in sending midi message ? how you do it ? if you have time to explain me I would like to understand


Briefly, the situation you outline is possible with tidal and Ableton. The key is to first set up tidal to send MIDI. See this page of the online documentation to get started.

One issue that might be tricky is figuring out what MIDI endpoint you should use. The instructions for setting up this part of the connection depend on what OS you are using, but I think you can find examples here on this forum.

Once you have tidal sending out MIDI to some endpoint on your computer, you make sure Ableton has that same device selected to receive MIDI. Then on the Ableton track that has your audio clip and effect plugin, set up the MIDI routing so that Ableton is receiving the MIDI from tidal.

I know this is only a brief overview of what needs to be done, but hopefully this points you in a useful direction.

tidal-looper might do what you want

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Ciao Alex ! This is interesting also but I was wondering if you can have real time processing of an income external signal for example my acoustic piano ! Anyway I’ll try the looper :wink:


where I have to install the folder that I downloaded from github ? its name is quarks ?

Where it says "Currently this has to be done manually by downloading this repository and then adding the folder in SuperCollider under Language -> Quarks -> Install a folder."

It means in the menus - so once you have the folder somewhere (anywhere) on your computer go there in the menus to add it to supercollider.

ok thanks understood

hello ! good morning !

I was trying the new looper function ... I think I'm missing something !
if I do this :

linput = pI "linput"
lname = pS "lname"

once $ s "looper" # linput 0

d1 $ s "loop"

then I receive the message module 'sound': instrument not found: loop
but if I give a name to my loop then I can here the sound like :

once $ s "looper" # lname "test"

d1 $ s "test"

where is my mistake ?

now it doesn't work at all mmmm
Something is going wrong