Quick update - installing, ways of learning, etc

Hi all!

Thanks again for signing up to the tidalclub course! A quick update, which I'll also send by email to make sure I reach everyone.

If you're still having problems installing, drop me a mail with any error messages you see in full, and which operating system you're using (windows/mac/linux). As it's not a 'live' course there's no real deadline to getting installed, but it'd be great to get you up and running ASAP!

If you feel a bit behind don't worry! Some are coming to the course having already self-taught for a while, and are asking advanced questions. Also with Tidal, different people learn things in a different order and it's completely fine to ask what you think is a basic question if something is niggling you. You won't be the only one!

I've put up a few videos now, let me know if anything is unclear.

Things can seem quite technical at first, but if something feels beyond you now, I think it could be best to play with the patterns, and see how things feel. It's a nice way to learn, by doing and feeling, rather than immediately trying to understand the mechanics of how things work. To tell the truth, despite making Tidal I often don't understand exactly what a pattern is doing.. But it doesn't matter, because I still know how to edit it, to make it more or less complex, and find something that sounds interesting in it. Listening is another way to understand a pattern, maybe the most important way!

@heavy.lifting and I will do a live stream soon. I think the live streams will alternate between 9am and 9pm UK time, to have the best chance of reaching people across timezones. Of course they'll be archived so you can catch up soon.

That's it for now! I hope you are all well.