Random polymetric divider ({}%n)

Hi im new in cycles and i want to generate a casual number with irand ,and link it with the %n of the polymeter divider.

Ex. d1 $ s "{ bd cp hh }%randomvalue".

How i can concatenate the integer random value in that string pattern?

thanks :slight_smile:

Ciao! You can define a variable like:

setI "value" (irand 8)

and then use in you pattern with the prefix ^:

d1 $ s "{bd cd hh sd}%^value"

PS: you have an italian name, if you are italian you can join the italian livecoding community: https://toplapitalia.gitlab.io/ )


Thank you so much, it worked ,and thanks for the link too.
Can you tell me were i can find some documentations on types declarations string addition and so on?idk if i had to find for haskell or tidal