hey havn'et used tidal in a while and kind of forget some of the range stuff

Working with a lot of fluctuating repitiotions so wondering if I want a kick to fluctuate randomly but smoothly within a range of repititoins how would i do this? i.e. I want "bd" to move between *29 and *32 let's say

something like this but with the fluctuations being a bit smoother:

d1 $ s "bd*18" # cps (range 0.8 1.5 rand)

like when I throw an lfo on something in ableton and can make it random but "smooth" it transition to the random numbers

Unable to test right now, but how about using perlin?

d1 $ s "bd*18" # cps (range 0.8 1.5 perlin)

perfect ty!