Receive OSC messages

Hi everyone,
I found a substantial difference btw the Tidal documentation for the 1.0.0 and after 1.5.0 version regarding the OSC messages.

In this is written that

Tidal 1.0.0 now has support for external input, using the OSC protocol.

but here we have that

Really the one and only job of TidalCycles is to send patterned OSC messages

So I want to ask you if is it possible to receive OSC messages in the latest TidalCycle?

I am not quite clear about that, and before getting my hands dirty, I want to be sure that this stuff is feasible.

Thanks a lot :grinning: :grinning:

Yes the only job of TidalCycles is to send out OSC messages at the end. When you send OSC messages to TidalCycles, you manipulate a pattern (i.e. set a value for that pattern) and the result of that is sent out again as an OSC message from TidalCycles.

You can try the following minimal example:


d1 $ s "808" # n (cF 0 "test")

And then pls evaluate this in SuperCollider:

o ="", 6010);

// Change the three to any value you like
o.sendMsg("/ctrl", "test", 3);

It should change the sample number of the 808 sample bank. This hopefully helps you!


Thanks @mrreason !
Unfortunately, when I try to execute the 808 code, it gives me this error:

Screenshot at Dec 18 22-31-53

Thanks in advance :wink:.

Sorry you need to use cF instead of cI. I will correct my initial example.

Ya I try this for mistake and it works fine :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for your help @mrreason !!

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