Receiving MIDI Clock / Collaboration with MIDI-sequencers


i recently jammed with a fellow musician of mine and for the first time used to tidalycycles for this. great fun so far! i just noticed getting a stable midi clock going in between us two was a little difficult. his setup is quite midi-based: a bunch of drum-machines, an arturia sequencer/keyboard and an atari st running cubase for sequencing. I checked this article, but that is only for sending out the midi clock. in this setup receiving a midi clock would have been a little easier i think. would there be any way to do this? i've already searched for an midi/espgrid-bridge but haven't found anything yet. sadly ableton link isn't able to sync to a midi clock whilst sending out a link signal...

side note/update

in the end, we got up and running so that i would be able to SEND the midi clock... unfortunately, i had forgotten the help article at this point - and set up ableton to send the midi clock and a link signal that got to tidal via carabiner. as cpu load was increasing (streaming from the very same machine maybe wasn't the best idea :sweat_smile:), i had to alter the link-offset in tidal quite frequently in order to stay in sync.

has anybody here ever realised such a setup? (:

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Could you describe how you got tidal to receive a midi clock?
I'm not familiar at all with carabiner.

There isn't a way for Tidal to receive midi clock currently, sadly. Here's info about link + carabiner:

It would be better to have link support directly in Tidal, but that would involve making a Haskell module interfaces with the link C++ library, which is a bit beyond me unfortunately :confused: