Recommendations for screen recording

Does anyone have a favourite way to record their screen and capture sound at the same time when livecoding?

I've found lots of ways to do each part, but feel like I've missed something obvious somewhere that will let me record everything together.

Many thanks.

There's other options depending on your o/s, but these days I only use OBS, which is cross platform and free. It's really designed for streaming, but also works super well for recording. It's what I used to record the course videos, and makes combining different audio and video sources really easy and flexible.

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Thank you. Looks good. I'm using Mac OS.

Ok, the difficult part can be getting sound from supercollider to obs, but @tedthetrumpet has info about that for mac/os here:

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Also checkout soundflower: really helpful for audio routing

Yes it seems to work well for some, and blackhole well for others. For people new to audio routing on the mac, I'd probably try blackhole first as recommended by @tedthetrumpet, as it seems better maintained at the moment.

I haven't heard of blackhole. I'll check it out.

I use OBS and either Blackhole or Jack for routing audio. For minor video editing I use Blender on MacOS/PC (not sure if it is available for Linux).