[Resolved] Issue after installing Haskell with Stack


In an effort to learn some Haskell I was following a course and they use Stack for Haskell dev. It seems however that once I install via Stack that Tidal in atom doesn't work any longer. I'm getting "Variable not in scope" errors now when running Tidal from Atom. I'm wondering if someone knows what this noob can do to fix? I assume it's a path issue or something, some setting in the Atom plugin?


And I ran the installer for tidal again with cabal, but doesn't seem to have fixed. I'd rather keep Tidal working than have a Haskell dev stack.

And solved my own problem. Using the command in a terminal which ghci and putting the resulting path in the Atom plugin settings corrected my issue. This is on Linux, but assume the same would be true on any Unix-system at least.