Routing through Blackhole degrades sound?

I am playing with some VSTi sending MIDI messages to it.
I then use Blackhole to route the sound back into TidalCycles to further apply effects.
What I experience is quite an important degrade in sound quality, namely:

  • overall amplitude is lower
  • frequency content is altered
  • artifacts are created, e.g. glitches and noise bursts

I have to say I am using an old laptop for it but it's never created any problem before.
Anyone has experienced anything similar? I am trying to understand whether I am wiring something wrong, or it is just the laptop that can't cope with that or what?


Hi Mattia, I have exact the same issues with Blackhole, on a 2,8 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac...

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Thanks for your input, have you thought of any alternative?

I am looking into ways of using the VSTi from within SuperCollider as I saw that this plugin is available though I have no idea about how to make this communicate with SuperDirt.

What are you doing with the input into SuperDirt? I could try the same with jack under linux to see if there's something happening within SuperDirt

Just applying some effects, but I can hear that something is wrong with clean input.

I have been trying this VSTPlugin UGen and it works nicely, though I don't know how to use it inside the SuperDirt structure since the documentation makes use of Pbind to play the synth.
I think I will open a new topic for this.