Sample sets created by the community

I find @cleary's approach on how to create a sample set for TidalCycles very useful (fbass rocks!). Currently there is a discussion about a sample pack format, however I thought until then we could use this thread to share sample sets created by community members.


Based on the fbass sample set approach I tried to create a sample set based on my ukulele:
I normalized it to -1.0 dBFS and recorded it as dry as possible at 60 bpm with various variations.
Since I recorded without compression, the samples are usually only half as long as with fbass. But this had not caused me any problems so far. So if you want to try it out, feel free to leave a feedback.

And last but not least, I recorded a little performance using the samples. In the code the samples are called sally, because I named my ukulele that way.


They sound killer, almost have a harp quality to them.

Thanks for making - and also for the github layout, I'm planning to build a little repo of git submodules with a bunch of sets I like. This is going in :wink:

Actually one thing I didn't mention through the course of my working on a creation method - string instruments are notoriously approximate with their tunings. I tuned my string so that the fretted note was bang on the C rather than tuning to the open string (which would have made my fretted c approximate only). Did you encounter this too?

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Glad to hear you like them!

I am excited what ideas you will still realize in this field.

Most stringed instruments I have are relatively stable in terms of tuning on the different frets. But to be on the safe side, I did the same as you. In addition, you also have to be careful between the tone of the attack, the sounding tone and the release (it also depends on the playing style). Did you also sit there and experiment with various strokes? :smiley:

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Yeah absolutely, I had a list of the variations scribbled in front of me, then would have 10 or so strokes/plucks per individual style. Then played each group of 10 back and picked a winning one. I went round this process quite few times tbh... It was... Very much a learning experience :joy:

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Cloned and added to my samples bank! I'll let you know what I do with them!
Maybe if I have the time I'll try to make clarinet and saxophone samples soonish.

I am very interested to see how you will use the samples!
And more instrument samples using the cleary method would be really nice. Someday we'll have a whole TidalCycles orchestra together :smiley:

By the way, besides vibrato I also sampled slides (no. 09 and 10). I had been playing around with them but am pretty undecided if you can do anything useful with them.

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