Samples not found


I installed Tidal yesterday. The example code d1 $ sound "bd sn sn sn" wasn't working - just the kick drum sample. I checked, and all samples were definitely in the folder, but the SC Error no synth or sample named 'sn' could be found. module 'sound': instrument not found: sn kept coming up. I restarted SC and Tidal a few times, eventually it worked, I thought I might have fixed the problem - but today the same issue is turning up. I redownloaded the samples from github and about half the samples just don't work.

I'm running Fedora and using vim-tidal.

Thanks for any help,

Welcome @jordanwhite, maybe you need to give superdirt more resources. The last bit of the video here explains how to do it: Technical tour of a tidal system

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That worked, thanks very much!