Send clock/MIDI info from Tidal to MAX MSP

Curious about how to send a clock / midi data from Tidal to Max MSP!

Not sure where to begin, any help would be much appreciated!


You can start with the docs! :grin:

Yell out if you need more detail/assistance :slightly_smiling_face:

You may be interested in HackYourDaw too:

Francesco_Corvi does hackyourdaw work with pure max smp too? or is it only a max for live thing?

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Indeed. It started as a Max project and was only later ported to max4live

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Btw, a bit of advice based on my own experience syncing midi programs: since you are probably wanting to experiment a bit (and not building any commercial product that needs to be compatible with everything), I would advice not to put too much energy in getting the midi clock spec correct in your max patch. I found that using normal midi note events as "ticks" allows you to be much more expressive if you take use them as "commands" for your max patch, and you may just as well use normal notes for that. Notes allow a lot more expression than midi-clock, which is very restricted. Also you are more free in how you generate or define your clock signal. I think given that Tidal is so great at doing non-standard rhythms, the standard midi clock spec can be a bit of a bottleneck to get interesting sync/timing data into max (or any other programmable environment).

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