Sending events trough SuperDirt to Hydra

Hye! I've followed a tutorial on how to send events trough SuperDirt to Hydra, this worked the first time but never since, it says it's listening to the port 3333 for external osc messages but it looks like it doesn't recognize it, or get's my event? Am I missing something?

bd = 0;

msg.on('/bd', (args) => {
bd = args[0]%1


//referentie naar IOPAidi adres + poort 3333
n = NetAddr("",3333);
~dirt.receiveAction = { |e|
if ( (\s)==\bd),
{ n.sendMsg("/bd",\cycle)); }, {} //message noemt /bd

Are you seeing any errors in the console(cmd+opt+i on mac)? I've been sending from SC to hydra recently and I often find after some number of restarts/toggles, I start to see an EADDRINUSE error in the console when I evaluate the hydra code. At this point, the code runs but I won't get any OSC messages until I reboot the machine. I find that I'm rebooting several times an hour. I'm mostly useless with javascript, but this might fit your 'this worked the first time but never since'

I do get to see the EADDRINUSE Error. I tried rebooting atom, SC, Tidalcycles and my computer but I still end up with the same error. Do I have to reboot it somewhere else? Or is there something else I can do to fix it?

When I look up EADDRINUSE I see: 'means the port which you want to assign/bind to your application server is already in use.' Can I call for the 'oPort = 57120' 2 times in my bootTidal.hs file or does this have nothing to do with it. Sorry if I sound like a bit of a noob :confused:

When I start another port (like(6666))the problem disappears, I guess that works for now.