Sending MIDI Program Change?

Does anyone know the syntax for this?

The closest I've gotten is:
asap $ control 4 # s "midi1" # midicmd "program"
which does send a program change message but I can't get it to send any value other than 2 for some reason.

I found some docs (here) that I'm not sure are from before SuperDirt MIDI or not. They say it's possible but don't provide the syntax:

Other types of midicmd values include "program", "touch", "polytouch", and "bend".

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I think that'd just be:

 asap $ progNum "4" # s "midi1"

(it would be possible to do this with midicmd but this shorthand is more flexible as you can mix it with other commands)


Ah. Beautiful, thank you.

Is there somewhere to find a list of available MIDI functions and syntax? I remember asking you a while back but I can't find the answer. Once I get my act together and spend some time on the wiki I can try to update the docs if so.

I hope it's all right if I say something to this topic. As far as I can see, all MIDI parameters are defined in the Params.hs, so maybe this helps you:

But I if someone has a detailed list with explanation of course that would be better!

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Here's the available parameters:

  • progNum
  • midibend
  • miditouch
  • ccn and ccv for cc number and value, or cc for both (e.g. cc "40:20" does the same as ccn "40" # ccv "20")
  • nrpnn and nrpnv, or nrpn for both (as with cc above)

You can also set polyTouch with note, and midichan with any of them

The logic is defined here:


Thank you!

There are other midi commands available in supercollider which don't have these easy shorthands, but which are still available via midicmd. I think midi clock is the most useful one:

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has anyone had any luck figuring out the syntax for sending pitchbend messages via MIDI? tried something like this but i am not getting any results. any help is appreciated!

  $ stack [
    note "c*4"
  , gain "1*8" # midibend "8000" # midicmd "bend"
  ] # s "midi"

@yaxu @ben @nilhartman hail mary request here...bumping this to the top in hopes one of you could sort me out on this :pray: :pray: :pray: looking to send MIDI pitchbend data from Tidal to Ableton. no luck so far combining the # midibend and midicmd "bend" syntax. any help is appreciated!

I looked through all my notes/code and midibend only came up twice. I haven't tested this in a while so not sure how helpful it will be?

I was trying to do some MPE type stuff in d1, so maybe d2 is more clear?
lmk if it works~!

d1 $ slow 2 $ stack [
  n "c4 c5 d5" # midichan "0 1 2" |+ 0 # vel 50,
  midibend ("<0>" ~> (segment 128 $ range 0 8192 isaw)) # midichan "0 1 2",
  miditouch (segment 128 (range 0 127 saw)) # midichan "0 1 2" 
  -- # midichan "0 1 2"    
  # s "midi1"

d2 $ midibend (slow 2 $ segment 32 $ range 8192 10000 sine) # s "midi1"
  $ midibend "8000" 
  $ note "c*4" 
  # s "midi"

Looks like it could be that simple? ...I haven't played with midi control outside of tidal (beyond basic notes)... this is piquing my interest :smiley:


Hey !
This works here :slight_smile:

  $ stack [
    midibend $ (slow 8 $ struct "t*256" $ (range 0 8192 $ sine))
    n "0"]
  # s "midi"

@ben @nilhartman OH MY GOSH! these worked thank you so much for your help! today is a good day :sunny: y'all are the BEST. enjoy your weekends :slight_smile:


short little experiment with midibend. not nearly as flexible as iā€™d like (impossible to add conditionals) but getting some nice results. adding some oddness into the mini notation via a modulus will grab parts of the arpeggio at interesting times and throw the sounds around nicely.

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Hi, i'm suspecting a bug using tidal and my synth MicroMonsta 2 on MIDI. I need to monitor what it's sent from SC to my midi out audio port where my synth is plugged. I'm no able to monitor using midi-ox or midiview. Tanks a lot.

Hi @kit-christopher , what are you using as synth/sample? to generate this patch?

@cyberik Ableton Wavetable

Hello, what's the purpose of midicmd "polyTouch" ? I don't ear change when added.

Is there a way to generate "velocity" on midi mode? By default velocity is set to 50. It could be interesting using this parameter to "humanize" keyboard melodies.

Thanks a lot.

I think you're looking for # amp


Thanks @cleary . I monitored midi port output to check and here the results:
# amp 0.1 --> velocity 12
# amp 0.2 --> velocity 25
# amp 0.4 --> velocity 50
# amp 0.7 --> velocity 88
# amp 0.95 --> velocity 120

I also noticed that generated midi code for notes is 1 octave lower.
Ex: a1'min'4 chords contents A0 A1 C1 E1 notes but generated code is A-1 A0 C0 E0, so to get a1'min'4 chords you need to write a2'min'4 in atom editor.