Sending OSC Over Internet?

I'm curious if anyone has tried (and had success) sending OSC messages over WAN to a computer at a different location. I assume that's possible? Would there be latency issues that are hard to resolve Thinking of this mainly for remotely syncing visuals to music.


Iā€™m keen to help with this if you are building something... maybe send a time stamp with each message and have a fairly healthy overall latency set on the remote end? Then messages can queue themselves up and run when needed?

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Yes OSC has built in timestamps, if you put each message in its own bundle. If this is a Tidal-specific question, Tidal can do that (and does with SuperDirt). You then have to have the system clocks on the different computers reasonably in sync. The listener will need to have a public IP address, or have a port forwarded from a router.

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Awesome. Thanks all.

@mashaal I'll let you know as I get closer. Thanks for your offer of help!

@yaxu in terms of clock sync, could one of the OSC messages that I send be BPM to sync the clock on the resulting computer? Should that work in theory as far as you know?