setI vs setS


Could some explain the difference between these please?

e.g. why does the first pattern need to be "setI" to work, whereas the second pattern needs to be "setS" to work?

  setI "roll" "0*8 0*6"
    $ n "0 ^roll" 
      # s "midi" 
      # midichan 1
      # amp 0.7    
  -- d1 silence 
  setS "kick" "bd bd*2"
  setS "hihat" "hh*8 hh*4"
  d2 $ sound "^kick ^hihat"
 -- d2 silence

Thanks :slight_smile:

Take a look at the different types of values associated with each of the set functions: set package:tidal - Hoogle

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Thank you!

Also are you the mvdirty from the nerdseq forum? @mvdirty

That’s me! I haven’t been in there in ages, though, as I haven’t been using my NerdSEQ much recently. Still have it, though, and still love it to bits.

Awesome. I thought it was you. Yeah I’m the same- haven’t been using mine too much especially since I discovered tidal :slight_smile:

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