Setting ResetCycles to start at a specific time during a cycle ... workaround?

Hi there.

Before some of the more recent updates, I used to use resetCyclesTo to begin a cycle at a specific time, as I wanted to play a sample that had been nudged backwards, as follows:

resetCyclesTo (-0.3)
d1 $ (0.15 <~) $ s "ghost/2"

Before it would work, I used to have to run the following:

import qualified Sound.Tidal.Tempo as T
resetCyclesTo n = T.changeTempo (sTempoMV tidal) (\t tempo -> tempo {T.atTime = t, T.atCycle = n})

It seems that this cannot work now, though ... is there an obvious way to do this that I am missing?

Thanks in advance!

There's currently a built-in function for that called setCycle

setCycle (-0.3)

Hi !

Thanks for alerting me to this ... unfortunately, I am getting this reading:

• Variable not in scope: setCycles :: t0 -> IO a0
• Perhaps you meant ‘resetCycles’ (line 24)

This was after updating to Tidal 1.9.5 and updating all my quarks in Supercollider...

AND also trying both "setCycle" and "setCycles" ...

Am I doing anything wrong here?

yeah I actually meant setCycle...

weird that it doesn't work... are you positive that Tidal is running the newest version? check what it says when you boot it

Hey, thanks for your response- I got sidetracked for 8 days.

It boots up saying Tidalcycles v. 1.9.5. ... and still, "setCycle (-0.3)" returns the following:

• Variable not in scope: setCycle :: t0 -> t
• Perhaps you meant ‘peCycle’ (imported from Sound.Tidal.Context)

Any other troubleshooting steps you can recommend?

Thanks in advance!