Sidechaining in tidalcycles

hey ive always wanted to sidechain my other channels to a kick. Is there a livecode solution to this i cannae figure it out :<<

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this is something i've tried many times for more than a year already. i'm still trying to find the best solution. here are some links from all different attempts:

I could try to finish my last attempt which seemed to be getting somewhere

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While of course I would love sidechaining in tidal, I simulate a side chain by ducking the track with a gain pattern similar to the kick.

For example, if your kick is 4 on the floor d1 $ n "{0 ~~~}%16" # s "drums" and you want to side chain track d2 $ s "hats * 16" just lower the volume on the hit: d2 $ s "hat*16" # amp "{0.2 0.5 0.5 0.5}%16".