Sign up for TidalCycles meetup # 1 on February 13th/14th

Here's the signup form for TidalCycles meetup #1. Everyone interested in TidalCycles is encouraged to attend. It will take place on zoom the weekend of February 13th / 14th. For time zone considerations, two sessions are likely.

There will be a few speakers giving short talks. There will also be an extended show-and-tell format very similar to the Hydra meetups where everyone gets the opportunity to share a URL to the group to show off their work and briefly talk about it.

The form should be filled out by everyone who wants to attend. You can also use this form to indicate interest in being a speaker at a TidalCycles meetup. :smiley:


Hey @RTylerMclaughlin and thanks so much for initiating meetup #1!
About the form, I only have the small question whether you can later see and change what you have submitted there.

You're welcome @mrreason :slight_smile:

The settings on the form says users can edit their responses after submission.... haven't tried it myself though so i'm not sure how that works.

I just enabled 'response receipts' so as long as you say you want a response receipt, you should get an email with a link to your answers. Then you should be able to edit your answers on that page.

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