Solstice stream 2023 - 21/22nd December

Join the solstice stream!

There's a 36 hour live online stream happening on 21/22 December UTC, to celebrate the solstice and the dawning of a new cycle. Please get involved by contributing a 15 minute live performance!

All live coders welcome, especially new people - this is a great opportunity for your first live gig! There are no constraints on what or how you perform, as long as live coding is involved (e.g. it doesn't have to be from-scratch live coding, working with pre-prepared code is totally fine!). You can reserve a 15 minute slot here (times should appear in your own timezone):

You'll then get instructions for testing and streaming in your email, which you can have a sneak peak at here.

You can watch the performances from last year's solstice stream on youtube or