[SOLVED]Tidal don't work on VSCode: Error: EntryNotFound (FileSystemError): GHCI path could not be found

(My English is not very good, sorry in advance)

I just installed tidal by using this script
(found in this page : MacOS | Tidal Cycles)

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tidalcycles/tidal-bootstrap/master/tidal-bootstrap.command -sSf | sh

and tried to run a pattrn like "$s "bd" with VSCode (I think SuperCollider works successfully).

Then VSCode says: "Error: EntryNotFound (FileSystemError): GHCI path could not be found. Attempted paths: ghci, ghci, /usr/local/bin/ghci, /Users/farmernojo/.ghcup/bin/ghci"

How can I fix this error? (maybe I should set up the GHCi path, but I could not find a way to know path...)

My computer: macOS Monterey 12.6. Thank you.

Sorry, the problem have been solved with the installation of command line tool and retry the script. Thank you!

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