Sonic Pi + Tidal (via Link)

Hi There :

Am totally new to Tidal, and this is my
frist post. I've been Sonic Pi user for some
time, and i love to use samples/loops in there.
So, my first question is how about to sync them:

I'd preffer to use Sonic Pi as master via "Link" button;
avaliable there. So, i can set the bpm.

Thank you in advance .

Welcome @art_noise! If you have the latest version of tidal installed (1.9.2) then they should just sync automatically if they're on the same computer or same network. Have you tried it? It should hopefully just work like magic.

Yeah !!! It's working pretty well... thanks.
Here what i did :

  • 1°Start SuperCollider w/ following code :
~midiOut = MIDIOut.newByName("Tidal Out", "Tidal Out"); // substitute your own device here
~dirt.soundLibrary.addMIDI(\midi, ~midiOut);
~midiOut.latency = 0.45;
  • 2° Start Tidal & Sets BPM (eval following):
    setcps (bpm/cps/beats),ex:
setcps (84/60/4)
  • The last munber (4) refers to bar meter:
    2/2; 2/4 ; 3/4 ; 4/4...
  • 3° Then open SONIC PI & click "Link".
    It will work perfectly well.
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Great. For avoidance of doubt, you don't need to start superdirt with the extra MIDI commands to get link to work.