Sound latency and distortion

It has repeatedly occured to me that on certain occasions when I attempt to apply a series of functions on a sequence in a slightly more complex manner (this time d1 $ sometimes (jux rev) $ stut' 4 0.5 ((|*| gain 0.8) . (juxBy 0 (|*| speed 0.3))) $ every 3 (rev) $ n "[3 1] 2 1" # s "jazz" # vowel "e") the sound suddenly starts crackling and Supercollider receives "late 1.42.... etc." massage. It really doesn't come as a delight especially when I'm eight minutes in recording a music and it ruins it all.

Is there any way to fix this or any idea what could be causing it?

Thank you so much for any help!
some of these may help on a linux system

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Interesting pattern! It runs on my system OK but at high CPU usage. When I stop the pattern it takes a while to return to normal - that's a clue...

The problem with this one is the * speed 0.3. You're layering four copies of that over time with stut, so you end up with a speed of 0.3 * 0.3 * 0.3 * 0.3 = 0.0081. If you play a sound at that rate it will take 123 times the time to complete, so if it normally lasts half a second, it will take a minute to complete. With the 'jux'es doubling things up you're triggering maybe 10 events per second, so over time I think that could easily add up to thousands of sounds being played at once.

So the answer is to be a bit careful with compounding speed factors.


Yeah, the problem appeares whenever I get a bit extra with the speed.

Thank you, I'll try to be a bit mindful of that!