Sound on earphone [solved]

Is there a way to transfer my Tidal's audio to my earphones?? i can only listen from my speakers...

thank u

Which Operating System are you using?

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Hi cleary, thanks for answering.. currently i'm using windows

Ok, I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with audio options in windows, so I'll defer to someone with experience - I will note that it's a different experience on every os (and may also depend on the audio routing software as well)

Being on mac, I’m afraid I can’t be much direct help, but I do remember reading and using this information during my initial setup. The section for Windows (further down the page) might be of help to you: Audio device selection | SuperCollider 3.12.2 Help

To be slightly more specific: you’ll likely want to use the information there to enumerate all of the audio devices on your computer, and then configure SC to use the one which drives your headphones.

are they wireless headphones? bluetooth? are you pairing them before or after you start Supercollider?

if they are bluetooth headphones, they are recognized as an audio source separate from your onboard audio.

if this is the case for you, pair the headphones first and then restart Supercollider. it should recognize the new audio source.

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Thank u christopher, i could solve it here... I just needed to pair my headphones first, as you said

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