Spaces in mininotation

Hi All

Can I ask a very basic question - what's the rules on using spaces in mininotation and when do that get treated as a delimiter between steps and when are they just ignored?

I can't quite see the consistency and the moment.

-- These work
d1 $ s "hi lo!3"
d1 $ s "hi lo !3"
d1 $ s "hi lo*3"
d1 $ s "hi . lo"
d1 $ s "hi .lo"

-- These don't
 d1 $ s "hi lo *3" -- Error
 d1 $ s "hi. lo" -- Only hear the low

Hi @lushprojects!

I've not really looked at / formalised this in detail. Ideally it would tokenise in a standard way, so that whitespace is ignored except where it resolves ambiguity. I would call those two error conditions bugs, so feel free to open an issue for this here