Spring cleaning - suggestions for categories?

Hi all,

I've reorganised the categories, so there's now:

  • Cycle zero - course materials and discussion / q+a about them
  • Installation help
  • Questions and Answers - everything other than installation issues :slight_smile:
  • Resources - General sharing of tidal-related resources
  • Innards - Discussion about the implementation of Tidal and SuperDirt, etc
  • Lounge - general discussion, not necessarily related to Tidal
  • Uncategorized - thread that don't fit anywhere else
  • Site Feedback - meta-discussion threads (like this one)

See the list here: https://club.tidalcycles.org/

There were some installation problems discussed in the course material threads, I've hopefully moved all of that into new threads in the "installation help" category.. Then problems and solutions are easier to find, and the course threads can focus on the material.

Because I moved a lot of things around the 'latest' page is now full off installation issues, ah well!

In free/open source, there can be some gatekeeping around 'development' forums vs 'user' forums. I think it's nice to keep everything together, so just made an 'innards' category for discussing the inner life of Tidal and how it's made - all welcome!


Also, any suggestions for categories? I think in general it might be best to just start threads in the lounge and 'uncategorized' categories, and then group them into a new category when a link between threads emerges.. But maybe it'd be good to anticipate some areas of interest..

Maybe a category for sharing things we've made?

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nice, here’s a thread for sharing

if we use samples every clubber has,
don’t even have to make an audio file

just post the code and we can play it around the world :slight_smile:

(inspired by a poetry reading
at the World Stage in Leimert Park,
poets were talking about
reading their poems for the group as "workshoping it")

feedback from other code poets welcome