Strudel 0.8.0 released

Strudel 0.8.0 "Himbeermuffin"

Strudel Version has just been 0.8.0 released!

Let me write up some of the highlights:

Desktop App

Besides the REPL (, Strudel is now also distributed as a Desktop App via! Thanks to vasilymilovidov!

The desktop App has the same features as the webapp, with the additional ability to load samples from disk. It is currently not documented yet, but you can do something like

await samples('~/music/xxx')


You have to start with ~/music/, followed by an arbitrary folder path that is expected to be present in the systems audio directory.
When you first run it, the app will create a strudel.json file in that directory to map out the available samples.

I would be very happy to collect some feedback on how it works across different platforms & systems!

Spiral Visualization

Also still undocumented, but you can now visualize patterns as a spiral via .spiral():

This is especially nice because strudel is not only the name of a dessert but also the german word for vortex! The spiral is very fitting to visualize cycles because you can align cycles vertically, while surfing along an infinite twisted timeline.

More settings

In the settings tab, you can now toggle:

  • line numbers
  • auto-complete
  • line wrapping

Thanks to roipoussiere!


There were a lot of other fixes and smaller features, see the release page for more info: Release Himbeermuffin · tidalcycles/strudel · GitHub

A big thanks to all the contributors!