Strudel 0.9.0 released

Strudel 0.9.0 aka "Bananenbrot" has just been released!

Full release notes: Release Bananenbrot · tidalcycles/strudel · GitHub

The last release was over 11 weeks ago, so a lot of things have happened!

Let me write up some of the highlights:

Improved Synth Engine

The synth engine has gotten a lot of love + a name: superdough encapsulates the web audio based synth / sampler / fx engine into a reusable package, which is already used by Topos.
Main new features include:

Desktop App Improvements

Thanks to @daslyfe and @vasilymilovidov , the desktop app now has its own rust based MIDI and OSC integrations,
which do not depend on browser APIs!

You can see superdough, superdirt via OSC + hardware synths via MIDI all together playing in harmony in this awesome video. These are the related PRs:


  • 2 new FFT based vizualisations have now landed: scope and fscope (featured in the video at the top).
  • pianoroll has new options, see PR


There is now a new way to play chord voicings + a huge selection of chord voicings available. Find out more in these PRs:

Adaptive Highlighting

Thanks to @mindofmatthew , the highlighting will adapt to edits instantly! Related PRs:

UI Changes

Other New Features

A big thanks to all the contributors!