Strudel breaking changes

I just deployed a fix for strudel's euclidean/bjorklund rhythms, so that they a) always start with an 'on' beat (unless you have the first parameter set to 0) b) match Tidal's bjorklund implementation (from Rohan Drape) and indeed Toussaints euclidean algorithm paper (apart from where he gets his examples wrong).

So if you have euclidean patterns in saved strudel code you might need to adjust them if you don't like how they sound now.

For example:

  • the old x(3,4) should now be (3,4,1)
  • x(5,8) -> (5,8,-1)
  • x(6,8) -> (6,8,3)

While I'm here note that you can now also pattern euclidean mininotation in strudel, just as with tidal, e.g. x(<3 5>,8).