SuperCollider 808 SynthDef

Hi all! Has anyone else tried the SC-808 designed by Yoshinosuke Horiuichi: It seems like a wonderfully made synth, but I can't quite get it to work in Supercollder/Tidal, even after following the direction Horiuchi left in the manual.


Thanks for sharing ā€” Iā€™m keen to try this out. I had no luck with the instructions as well.

i had a brief look at it a couple of days ago.

copying synthdefs from the manual into the IDE and triggering the respective sounds with Synth(\bd), Synth(\sn), etc. produced sounds that indeed have a 808ish-flavor that is surprisingly near the original (the BD not so much, though).
Also the Code from "SC-808 Pattern.scd" produced an interestingly programmed beat. Haven't tried integrating it with Tidal.