Supercollider error

Hi there.Im on macOS Sonoma & M1 chip.
Although I enjoy tidalcycles,The sound of supersaw, etc. is not being produced.
The error is as follows.
bd and other sounds are sounding fine.

exception in GraphDef_Recv: exceeded number of interconnect buffers.

you could try to increase these on your startup.scd

s.options.numBuffers = 1024 * 256;
s.options.numWireBufs = 1024 * 8;

as this startup.scd example:

more info here:

Thanks for the reply. Sorry it took me so long to reply.

The error is gone, but I still can't hear the supersaw sound in pulsar.

I wonder why.

This is an example startup file. You can load it from your startup file
(to be found in Platform.userAppSupportDir +/+ "startup.scd")

s.reboot { // server options are only updated on reboot
    // configure the sound server: here you could add hardware specific options
    // see
    s.options.numBuffers = 1024 * 256; // increase this if you need to load more samples
    s.options.memSize = 8192 * 32; // increase this if you get "alloc failed" messages
    s.options.numWireBufs = 1024 * 8; // increase this if you get "exceeded number of interconnect buffers" messages
    s.options.maxNodes = 1024 * 32; // increase this if you are getting drop outs and the message "too many nodes"
    s.options.numOutputBusChannels = 2; // set this to your hardware output channel size, if necessary
    s.options.numInputBusChannels = 2; // set this to your hardware output channel size, if necessary
    // boot the server and start SuperDirt
    s.waitForBoot {
        ~dirt = SuperDirt(2, s); // two output channels, increase if you want to pan across more channels
        ~dirt.loadSoundFiles;   // load samples (path containing a wildcard can be passed in)
        // for example: ~dirt.loadSoundFiles("/Users/myUserName/Dirt/samples/*");
        // s.sync; // optionally: wait for samples to be read
        ~dirt.start(57120, 0 ! 12);   // start listening on port 57120, create two busses each sending audio to channel 0

        // optional, needed for convenient access from sclang:
            ~d1 = ~dirt.orbits[0]; ~d2 = ~dirt.orbits[1]; ~d3 = ~dirt.orbits[2];
            ~d4 = ~dirt.orbits[3]; ~d5 = ~dirt.orbits[4]; ~d6 = ~dirt.orbits[5];
            ~d7 = ~dirt.orbits[6]; ~d8 = ~dirt.orbits[7]; ~d9 = ~dirt.orbits[8];
            ~d10 = ~dirt.orbits[9]; ~d11 = ~dirt.orbits[10]; ~d12 = ~dirt.orbits[11];

    s.latency = 0.3; // increase this if you get "late" messages

do you have sc3-plugins installed?

" SC3 Plugins - you may need the SuperCollider sc3-plugins if you want to use any of the synths included in SuperDirt. Most of the examples in the documentation will still work, so you could skip this step and return to it later."