Supercollider - jack - pipewire - bluetooth? (linux)

is it possible to route SC (supercollider, sclang) output to a bluetooth device (external speaker or headset)? I am on Fedora GNU/Linux, using pipewire.

I can access the device from pipewire (it shows up in qpwctl, helvum)
but not from jack. That's probably because jack (thinks it) uses the alsa driver.

Is the sc output supposed to show up in pipewire graphs? For me, it does not (it's only in the qjackctl graph).

[EDIT] Jack with Bluetooth · Issue #479 · jackaudio/jack2 · GitHub but I don't see how to make that work.

maybe you could try

pw-jack scide

ah! works! thanks!

("works" = now supercollider no longer appears in qjackctl graph, but in qpwctl graph instead, and can be connected to my bluetooth set. Just as I wanted.)