SuperDirt, Latency, and MIDI

Hi all,

I've been experimenting with MIDI controlled by Tidal and sent thru SuperDirt to an Elektron Digitone. I've used this tutorial:

I'm able to produce sound on the Digitone, but I'm having latency problems relative to the audio of some samples I'm manipulating in Tidal. I've tried adjusting the latency in SuperDirt, but it doesn't seem to affect anything. Anyone run into similar problems or have possible solutions? If it helps, I've been connecting the Digitone by USB and using the MIDI output through overbridge.

Are you listening to the audio outputs on your Digitone directly? Just making sure that you're not using Overbridge as that adds a ton of latency.

And if you monitor through your DAW instead of listening to the direct monitoring on your interface (or an outboard mixer) then that will add latency as well.

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I have a problem with latency comparing MIDI vs. sounds generated by SuperDirt (accessing samples for example). This is pretty noticeable when you're layering drums and try to get them to align on the 1. I tried using # nudge -0.02 on each midi track but I think there's only so much you can do for the first hit.

[Not a DAW agnostic solution] If you're using Ableton, Ableton has a track nudge forward and backward. It is possible to nudge incoming audio from supercollider into Ableton possible to get them all to line up. Also if you route midi to Ableton first, then in Ableton to the digitone; latency can be controlled via Ableton settings vs. SuperDirt/Supercollider. Maybe this technique works for other DAWS if they have a nudge on each track.

Yeah, I was using Overbridge. That's what I figured was probably happening. I'll try it using the device output instead!

Thanks! I'll try to see if nudge helps!

Yeah Overbridge will add a boatload of latency. When your DAW is playing back already recorded MIDI then it can delay compensate for it but when you're playing live MIDI threw it it can't, so best to monitor the direct outs.