Superfm tutorial - live stream

Hello everybody,

on Thursday 5th at 19:00 CET we'll be streaming an overview of the superfm synth hosted by the Toplap Barcelona youtube channel. It's an open session to whoever is interested with a Q&A section.

You're all more than invited.

See you there!


Wonderful! I'll be there!

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@loopier just FYI here's an article describing what i was trying to explain about samples on the livestream. was thinking it would be cool to pattern out samples from the tidal library in conjunction with superfm.

Really enjoying this on catchup, thanks @loopier!

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Catchup here:

PS Thanks @loopier, that was really something :slight_smile:


oh, thanks! I think I understand now. It would be using a sample's amplitude as envelope, is that it? No, you cannot use samples for the envelope, sorry. Now the synth uses an envelope generator, and to achieve what you ask we would need to use a Buffer. That's my first guess, though, I would have to look it up.

That brings up some cool ideas to develop new synths though : )

Thanks Alex!!! I had a great time. So glad you're enjoying it : )
I'm open to improvement suggestions. So, please, feel free to drop any thoughts on it.

Thanks @cleary! Glad you got to see it : ) If you have any more questions, please ask!
Hope you're feeling better.

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In the live stream I was asked what would be a good way to approach superfm. I recently started reading the The Complete DX7 by Howard Massey which is teaching me a lot about FM synthesis. I've just started by reading its really nice section on sound creation and has been very helpful on understanding FM. It's a great and easy read for anybody interested in the subject, very focused on music and sound rather than math. A wonderful companion for playing around with superfm I highly recommend it!

There's another book by Chowning himself, which I haven't read, but I've heard is more maths oriented and a bit of a tough read if you're not really into it.


Thanks for the reference!
I'm interested in the other book, so I looked it up and found Fm theory and applications, is that the one you had in mind?

yes, I think that's the one

Hi loopier, in my configuration (Win10), whatever the indexed param i use it's unknow. amp alone works but when i add an index i get an error.
Thanks a lot

That sounds like you have not initialized the variables. You may find the full list in this gist. Copy and paste them into tidal and evaluate them. Then it should work.

You need to either evaluate them at the beginning of each session, or add them to your BootTidal.hs, as they are not there by default. There has been some talking about adding them to the stock tidal parameters but not sure when that will happen.

There are also alternatives to the syntax that you may find more convenient once you are familiar with the synth. See this thread.

Hope that helps!

Hi @loopier. Thanks a lot for all these informations. Very interesting. It's working now. Now I can watch your superfm tutorial and test in parallel. Great job.

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