Superpiano not generating audio

Earlier today I was trying to get superpiano to produce sounds but no sounds were being produced. I could see an error in Supercollider reporting that the superpiano synthdef could not be found.

*** ERROR: SynthDef superpiano not found

It's possible I may have inadvertently broken my startup file? I am not sure, as I've used this synth before.

I am trying to evaluate this:

d1 $ s "superpiano"

Nothing happens, other than the error popping up above.

I think you have to put at least a note in the pattern ... # n 0

When I evaluate d1 $ s "superpiano" then a5 plays, once per cycle.
But it is still best to add notes: d1 $ s "superpiano" #n "c a6 f4 e"

When I use a sound instrument or sample name that isn't in SuperDirt or mis-spell, then I get a similar error in the SuperCollider post window. "no synth or sample named 'superPPianoo' could be found.

If your example produced sound without error previously, it suggests that SuperDirt did not load properly when SuperCollider starts. Try this:

  • Restart SuperCollider
  • From SuperCollider IDE: SuperDirt.start;
  • Make sure that your superdirt_startup.scd file is loading correctly.
  • Try other samples and synthesizers: "supersaw" "superpwm" "bd"
    If they all fail, SuperDirt is clearly not working. If only superpiano fails there is a problem with this specific synthDef.

Thanks - solved it, my scd file wasn't loading properly and now my piano is working :slight_smile: