Sustain Pedal MIDI

I was trying the MIDI in method from @eris and it's great but I'm trying to use a sustain pedal conected to my MIDI (Arturia Minilab Mkii) to latch the chords/notes and be able to code at the same time. Anybody knows how could I achieve that?

This is what I attempted with no success:

p "midiintest" $ stack [fast 2 $ s "supervibe(3,8)" #legato 3.5 |+ n (cP "midiin")
                          #octave "[4|5]" #sustainpedal (cF 0 "64") ,
                        fast 2 $ s "supersaw(4,8)" #legato 3.5 |+ n (mono $ cP "midiin" - 24)] 

-- I renamed 'notes' to 'midiin'

I also tried with #sustain but no luck and I do get the message in post window of ' [ 0, 64, 127 ]
[ 0, 64, 0 ]' when pressed and released.

Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile: