Switching between BootTidal.hs files


I'm new to tidal and am constantly exploring different uses.

I've got a few combinations of boot files now that I use for different purposes - Ableton, SuperCollider, touchDesigner.

Would it impact performance if I combined all uses into a single boot file? Could I take an OOP approach and create classes for each functionality and only instantiate when needed?

Thanks for your help

Dan :sunglasses:

You can setup different *.hs files to import when you need them - I like to keep my BootTidal.hs pretty vanilla then call the :script <script> loader for external files - example near the end of my BootTidal.hs:

    setB = streamSetB tidal

:script /home/bernie/.local/share/ansible-tidalcycles/scripts/mutable-instruments-ugens_parameters.hs
:script /home/bernie/.local/share/ansible-tidalcycles/scripts/grey_hole.hs
:script /home/bernie/source/livecode/global/function_helpers.hs
-- :script /home/bernie/source/tidal-sound-explorer/add_to_BootTidal.hs
:set prompt "cleary> "
:set prompt-cont ""

It's also possible to load them dynamically inside tidal, I'm not super familiar with this, but there's some info about it here: